Graphic Design + Illustration

From Tuesday, 9th to Thursday, 11th of October Adobe Live showed their interesting livestreams about graphic design with beautiful and inspiring guests and moderators. In their livestreams they commonly call out the Adobe Live Challenge where you have to fulfill a short but thrilling task. Typically you have to finish this task until the end of the latest livestream that day. What you got to do will be released circa six hours ago—in the first livestream that day.
This time the task was to design corporate material for Adobe MAX—the great creativity conference Adobe is hosting every year in Los Angeles, USA. More information about this festival for creatives will be found at the bottom of this page. As a participant to this challenge I began researching the existing corporate design of Adobe MAX and augmented it with a little hand-drawn extra touch which I very like and which is also swiping away the business dust a conference could (!) have.
My second design submission which is a digital conference ticket won the challenge for that day and Adobe gifted me a one-year-subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Big thanks to Adobe for making me this happy and to all guest designers and the whole production team at Adobe Live!
I really hope you had fun while watching. Thanks a lot for your attention! (-:

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