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Adobe Live said:
"Designing is all about practice! Combine that with motivation and feedback from your peers and you'll be an instant success! We'll do the heavy lifting by providing a daily challenge each day. Then join us on the daily live show and work alongside the creative challenge community."

Then I thought:
"Hey—that's a cool chance to combine experimenting with some new styles and challenging myself to get things ready in a certain time! Let's kick it! :-) "

A few moments later I realized that I'm not able to finish all of the great challenges because of other jobs I got to do—so a compromise was arrived at. ^^

Here are some impressions of my submissions (unfortunately, they weren't all finished regarding to their daily deadlines):
Day 1 — Inspiring Quote:

Pick your favorite quote and design a visual to share it with your friends.
[Not my favorite quote at all—but a really inspiring one which is also very history-charged.]
Day 5 — Avatar for Social:

Cut-out your photo out of a colored background to create an avatar for social networks within a shape.
[This is really me—but a little bit stylized. The illustrations of Caspar David Engstfeld were a big inspiration for this piece. You should have a look at his instagram: !]
Day 8 — Album Cover:

Design the album cover for your favorite musician or band.
[Being As An Ocean is one of my favorite bands in the range of Post-Hardcore / Melodic-Hardcore. Their music was always very inspiring and considerable for me. Here you can check out how they sound and look like: !]
I really hope you had fun while watching. Thanks a lot for your attention! (-:

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