Graphic Design

This is a flyer I made for the publishing house Haymarket Media and DRUNTER&DRÜBER which is an advertising-free magazine about the culture and business around the topic of death. The magazine is produced and financed by FUNUS Stiftung. Since 2018 Haymarket Media is publishing all those interesting contents of DRUNTER&DRÜBER.

The flyer was created for winning new subscribing customers in the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and everybody else who is able to understand the German language. It was inserted in for example magazines and newspapers.

Thanks to FUNUS Stiftung and Haymarket Media—it was a nice collaboration and reading the magazines of DRUNTER&DRÜBER is still interesting and also a bit funny (in a constantly reverent way)!
For more information about DRUNTER&DRÜBER check out:

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