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Do you know the IPM ESSEN? It is the world's leading trade fair in horticulture which takes place every year in Essen, Germany. IPM is the abbreviation for Internationale Pflanzenmesse (International Plant Fair) and it has subsidiaries in Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai and Mexico—besides the main event in Essen.

The GESTALTEN UND VERKAUFEN CreativCenter (short version: g&v CreativCenter) as an exhibition area is an important part of the IPM ESSEN. Professionals of the vast creative field of the Green Branch get together at this place. You are able to watch florist live shows and find out what new ideas and concepts companies got to present. Many small booths form this area to a great experience for everybody who is interested in the more aesthetic part of horticulture. Therefore we use the slogan "Ideen erleben"—which is in English "Experience ideas".

As art director and designer my task was to create a new branding for g&v CreativCenter. The event team and the management of Haymarket Media briefed me to generate a modern and colorful concept. It was a lean and tight process where marketing tasks were handed over to my desk. In this project insight you can have a small view of what kind of promotional tools I designed to give the g&v CreativCenter a freshly new face.

Thanks to everybody who was involved. Together we created a great product which should be expand over the next years!
In the following you can see my screen design for a possible website or rather a microsite. It shows all the main information a recipient need to know about the g&v CreativCenter such as a time table for live shows, a map of the whole g&v CreativCenter, portraits of the invited star florists and also which companies/partners are featured at this year's exhibition. Unfortunately, this is just a prototype.
Copyright notice: Logo IPM ESSEN© Messe Essen GmbH.

Please check out the world's leading trade fair in horticulture—IPM ESSEN:

If you like to get more information about GESTALTEN&VERKAUFEN:
I really hope you had fun while watching. Thanks a lot for your attention! (-:

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