Title Illustration

This is an illustration made for a Haymarket Media publication called TASPO dossier (issue #3 of 2017). The TASPO is the newspaper with the widest-circulation in the "Green Branch" (agriculture, horticulture, floristics and suchlike) in Germany. Three or four times a year the TASPO dossier is released as a special about current topics affecting the companies and people working in the "Green Branch". The increase of e-commerce and involved and upcoming innovations inside the named branch were the topic of this issue.

On this title illustration I was able to show drones which are distributing products of agriculture. It was an allusion to the drones which are tested by influencing companies like Amazon or DHL. Because of the possibility to show sky and landscape I chose a collage style illustration in exaggerated colors. This—for me— shows best an highly charged environment in an futuristic (cyber-)scenario. It also underlines the infantility of some ideas when they are new to their recipients and need to grow over a certain amount of time.

Thanks to Haymarket Media for their trust in my work and this interesting task where I was able to use a more maverick art style. Usually the TASPO dossier looks more adapted.

This title of the TASPO dossier III/17 was slightly adjusted for mockup reasons. Anyway the placement of the title illustration is original.
And some animated impressions (just for fun):
Original photo by Kelly Sikkema (Unsplash).
Thanks for watching my work! Please feel free to appreciate or comment.

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