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TASPO GaLaBauReport and ISUZU MOTORS cooperated to acquire some TASPO readers for the ISUZU D-MAX Off-Road Days 2018. The Off-Road Days are an event where interested people get the chance to test-drive the newest range of ISUZU D-MAX pickup trucks under hardest conditions. Only few people can participate to this extraordinary days where trained drivers show to what the trucks are capable of. To easily select professionals of the green branch a competition was called out and released in TASPO media.

So my job was to create an animated superbanner for the TASPO website and an advertisement for an issue of the TASPO GaLaBauReport—which is an periodically published special for all professionals who construct gardens and landscapes etc.. The following pictures show the currently named promotional tools. My main focus by designing those was finding an adequate look which should be suitable to both involved corporate identities.

Big thanks to the marketing team at ISUZU MOTORS GmbH as well to the sales team at Haymarket Media GmbH for giving me the chance to help them out. It was a pleasure and a big honor for me designing those promotional tools.
After defining a colour composition I partly added some gradients and textures to get the designs more contemporary and exciting.

Then I started to text a suitable claim to communicate the competition. Besides the frames for the animated superbanner get formed by me.
The superbanner which is made up of nine frames got to live and with this design set I headed over to the inquired print ad for the TASPO GaLaBauReport. (The shown issue of the TASPO GaLaBauReport was slightly adjusted for mockup reasons. Anyway the placement of the printed ad is original and was released in February 2018.)
By the way, the claim on these promotional tools means: "IT IS TIME FOR A NEW ADVENTURE!". Everything else of the text name the event and explain the conditions of the competition. To participate you have to answer a pretty simple question which is shown in the small, black rectangle.
If you like this work of me, please feel free to appreciate or comment. It will put a big smile on my face and helps me to get my projects viewed by a bigger audience. THANKS A LOT!

For more information about the ISUZU D-MAX check out:

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