Graphic Design

These promotional tools are an excerpt of another job I got from the publishing house Haymarket Media. Haymarket Media and its precursors were publishing magazines, books and newspapers etc. since over 150 years in Germany. In the last couple years the company was beginning to adapt the attributes of digital transformation. One of the biggest steps so far was to set up the big Haymarket Media Online Shop which someday should unite all of the most important publishings and also some nice gadgets.

The briefing to this was to evolve different promotional tools to inform already existing clients but also to win new readers and users in mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A clear, colorful and elaborated design should be created to generate some kind of buzz and also target on the up-and-coming readers of the branch. Haymarket Media in Germany has a focus on the Green Branch—a market consisting of for example florists, different kind of gardeners and industries which invest in plants etc.. These promotional tools were distributed in magazines, newspapers, on websites and will be spread on different events.

A big thank to Haymarket Media—for letting go of some conservative values and help me to design this somehow fancy identity!
Thanks for watching my work! Please feel free to appreciate or comment.

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