Character Illustration (Personal Project)

This was a great fun! Thanks to Rocket & Wink and to Jan Rosenstock as well. These guys are the creators of a challenge called "Rocket vs. Wink". In 2014 they set up this art project as a bachelor thesis for Jan Rosenstock. He wanted to determine how subcultural influences can increase the prominence or improve the positioning of a brand. In this case the brand was the creative agency Rocket & Wink.

My monster illustration is just a personal copy for challenging myself and also winning an office battle versus my colleague Christoph Golombek at that time.

Christoph and I are big fans of most projects of Rocket & Wink. When we have heard of the official challenge we decided to make our own small office challenge that we named—of course— "Cars vs. Toph". We began to mimic a bunch of challenges for the purpose of personal training.

The monster challenge was for me the coolest of all. Each challenger had to compose a fictional monster or check out how our idols have made their monsters. After collecting some stock images we got 45 minutes to collage and retouch a monster like this in Adobe Photoshop.
This street art actually doesn't exist in real life. But wouldn't it look gorgeous?
And some animated impressions (of the layers in Adobe Photoshop):
This framed monster is the original piece of art made by Rocket of Rocket & Wink. Copyright: Rocket & Wink.
For more information about Jan Rosenstock's bachelor thesis please check out: (ADC Nachwuchspreis 2015 in Silber)

Further information about the fantastic art of Rocket & Wink:

If you also like to watch videos you should check out this trailer about the project Rocket vs. Wink:

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