​​​​​​​Editorial Illustration

This illustration was made for a Haymarket Media publication called TASPO GartenMarkt (in TASPO issue #27 of 2017). The TASPO is the newspaper with the widest-circulation in the "Green Branch" (agriculture, horticulture, floristics and suchlike) in Germany. In constant distances the TASPO GartenMarkt is released as a special about current topics affecting the companies and people working in the "Green Branch"—especially in production and trade of garden flowers.

The article the illustration is focusing on is in general about e-commerce and how it is or could be a great opportunity for traders of the "Green Branch". Freshness and full assessment are very important for the customers. Most of them want to buy plants on the analogue way instead of trusting in professional taken product photos on a website. Furthermore they wary regarding a fast and safe delivery. However the convenience often wins about doubts and more and more customers like to buy fruits and vegetables via online shops. Big global players like Amazon just launched special services which guarantee that those products reach the customer fresh and unharmed. In areas of high population densities Amazon Fresh delivers in only 60 minutes. This process will evolve for sure—which means that some day "THE SMART FOX" CAN GET HIS PLANT IN NO TIME AND WITH JUST A SIMPLE MOUSE CLICK! ;-)

Thanks to Haymarket Media for let me illustrate this tiny depiction.

This page of the TASPO GartenMarkt 27/2017 was slightly adjusted for mockup reasons.
Please understand that I am not able to show the original article.
GIF animation—to show the layers created in Adobe Photoshop:

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